PUBLISHED: Japan from the Outside In


Glimpse into the soul of Japan and the people who call it home.

From soaking in remote mountain hot springs, to standing with ghosts and Gods on misty seaside trails, to learning why raw chicken is an acquired taste, author G.B. Hinton has seen, tried, tasted, and experienced much of what Japan has to offer, and some of what it doesn't.

Written between 2000 and 2015, the articles and essays in Volume 1 of Japan from the Inside Out: People, Places, and Perspectives paint a vivid picture of daily life in modern Japan, and take readers from the cold, northern tip of Hokkaido, to the humid towns and villages of Kyushu in the south, and to many places in between.

G.B. Hinton's affection for Japan is clear, as is his voice and introspection when he experiences the challenges, confusion, and realizations that come with living in a country like Japan. Yet rather than the blind adulation of a Japanophile, these articles and essays reveal Japan as it really is, not as we sometimes imagine it to be.

From travel stories that take readers into Japan’s abandoned buildings, to essays reflecting on the devastation of the Tohoku earthquake, this work is a fascinating read for anyone interested in life in modern Japan.

Accompanied by vivid photographs, each chapter of this collection tells a compelling story about Japan, and reveals as much about the author himself as a writer and as a human being. For these reasons and more, it is a unique work that shouldn’t be missed.

Japan from the Outside In is available on Amazon worldwide.


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